Tabea K. Tettenborn

I began my dance training at the Ballettschule Sabine Roth before going on to complete my study of contemporary dance at the Balance 1 academy in Berlin. As a dancer and choreographer, I was active for several years with the Tanztage festival, presenting and performing in works by myself, Anja Müller and Steffi Sembdner. From 2003-2005, I also danced under choreographer Christoph Winkler.

Since 2008, I’ve taken a deep interest in the relationship between movement and voice, pursuing my research into this subject together with artists, singers, yogis and others. The desire to broaden my creative horizons has also led me to pursue extensive voice training.

In my work as a teacher, I specialize in creative dance for children, modern, yoga and pilates. It is my joy to pass on the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained.