Sabine Roth – school founder

Since founding my own school in 1977, it has been my honour to teach some 2,000 children and teens, and see several of them through to careers on the stage. I also provide training to former dancers looking to start careers as instructors.

I began my own formal training as an apprentice to Tatjana Gsovski and Gert Reinholm at the Tanzakademie Berlin and continued at the Berlin Opera Ballet School, where I completed my examinations at the Deutsche Oper (German Opera) Berlin in 1976.

From 1977 to 1995 I performed with the historical dance ensemble directed by the late Prof. Karl-Heinz Taubert of Berlin’s University of the Arts. As of 1980, I’ve been certified as a full member of the Royal Academy of Dance. I teach according to the RAD syllabi, and train my students to take the RAD’s examinations in London.

My school is active in the community and beyond. We have organised exchanges with other young dancers in Florida, Cyprus and China. As of 2013, I have been in regular contact with schools in China, where I continue to give classes in classical ballet. Closer to home, we have performed benefit concerts to help homeless and needy children and other charitable causes.